Another Domestic abuse case has been reported

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Domestic violence has become very common in Pakistan. According to a research, one out of three women are facing abuse worldwide either physical or verbal. We hear new cases everyday and people had taken it very lightly. But it is not a light matter as it seems our women are being crushed under it consistently.

The same thing happened to Sawera, a girl who married to a boy named Shahbaz a year ago. She has faced intense abuse from her husband since the beginning of her marriage. She lost her senses as a result of that. Despite all this, her husband hasn’t returned Sawera to her mother yet. Her father is not alive. The only one battling this beast is her mother.

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She even lodged a lawsuit against him, but nothing happened, so we all know that we can’t expect anything from our police and judiciary system. Now they had posted this matter on social media for their daughter’s sake, so that their voice could be reached to the higher authorities as our honorable police had failed to provide her with any kind of justice.

There are many girls like Sawera out there whose voices can’t be reached and some of them don’t even have any kind of help. This is not the only case. How will we make this stop? How can protection be granted to these girls? Why is it that our authorities have failed? Why has our constitution failed to provide these women sufficient protection? Rape, harassment , assault, and abuse are all hitting their height, but the government didn’t take appropriate action. Now, all we can hope for is her release.