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CSS (Central Superior Service) exams is one of the toughest exams in Pakistan. Whereas, five sisters from the Sher family have set a record of clearing this exam, the youngest sister has cleared her exam recently in 2019. CSS exams are the toughest and competitive, not every candidate can clear this exam.

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CSS 2019 hasn’t been special, and the results are now out. For many the wait was slowly chipping away but for others it was worth the payoff. The sisters in the Sher family defied the odds when their fifth and youngest sister Zoha cleared this year’s exam on 17 June 2020. Yet she is officially designated in the Office Management Group (OMG) after clearing the final interview.

The elder sister Laila cleared her CSS exam in 2008, Shireen in 2010, Sassi and Marvi in 2017 and are serving as CSP officers in different government sectors. It’s no simple achievement and Pakistan can’t seem to help though but being proud of the daughters of Sher. Twitter lend a hand in with the applause, of course. With the hashtag #CSS2019 the sisters have overtaken the discussion on social media.