All Time Popular Beauty Cream Fair & Lovely Is Changing Its Brand Name!

What is the reason behind?

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Since the Black Lives Matter movement triggering debate around the world about race and skin color, Asia’s most common skin whitening, and fairing cream is changing its name too. The manufacturing company, Unilever, said this Thursday that it’s going to drop the term “fair” from the brand name Fair & Lovely to stop racist contradictions this term spreads as well as eliminating any references to whitening or lightening effects of the cream. The issue happened just after petition on social media gained attention called for the company to cease manufacturing and selling Fair & Lovely, reallocate the workers, as well as put out a statement that takes responsibility for how the product has benefited its consumers from internalized prejudice and anti-blackness feelings.

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This brand criticism escalated with the resurgent #BlackLivesMatter campaign in recent weeks. 2 different petitions counting for more than 18,000 signatures to discontinue the rows.