Actress Hira Mani wins hearts with her new song “Sawaari”

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Hira mani, the 32 year old actress, well known for her acting skills, has made her debut in the music industry as well. She is well recognized by her major roles in dramas like Do Bol, Ghalati, Mere Paas Tum Ho.

She gained a lot of popularity with her acting skills and has now step into the music industry as well. Well this is not the first time she showed her singing skills. She posted many videos of her singing prior to this debut. She previously sang an OST for her drama with Junaid Khan that was Mann Ka Soraj.

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This time she sang in the Kashmir cooking oil’s music platform Kashmir beats. The show provides a platform to bring out the hidden singing talent among the showbiz stars. Hira Mani’s song was released in the second episode that named Sawaari. Many people appreciated her singing and liked her new song but this thing triggered memers and they started making hilarious memes regarding her singing. According to them, this song becomes more interesting when it is muted. Some said Hira Mani knows how to destroy a song.

In simple words Hira Mani is sharing the same fate as Asim Azhar who was humiliated by memers for his song featuring Tiktoker Areeqa Haq!