A snow leopard in Abbottabad got killed after attacking a local citizen

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A local resident was targeted by a snow leopard in Abbottabad. They killed the animal when other locals arrived. Snow leopard is a very rear specie who, if not guarded on time, will go instinct. In Pakistan, these leopards are very rear. They are found mostly in the Karakorum Range. There are also several in Abbottabad, however. Owing to their chance of extinction, they are protected by the UN as well.

When photographs of the dead leopard came to the surface, people focused their indignation at the government because the government is to be blamed in this whole scenario. They were still unable to devise a strategy to preserve wildlife and not to evacuate the human population from there.

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In this case, the victims are both animals and local residents. They’ve both had no fault in it. In fact, these animals live in mountains and have only descended to the surface in winters because the temperature is very low at such a high altitude. So they come down for food and some kind of warm spot. Unfortunately, this leopard was still only roaming around, but in a local community and therefore attacked a human and got killed later by them in defence. Many poor creatures like this are dying because of recklessness of our authorities who can’t even protect wildlife.