A Proud 13 Year Old Youtuber From Lahore!

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Usman Rafique is a 13 year old kid with a great deal of creativity and ability. He began his channel in February 2019 and has been uploading videos often from that point onward. Usman set out to make a YouTube channel which included content that he wished was made for him. So basically, he saw a loop hole in the content market and chose to fill it himself.

Usman’s videos are all around considered and pleasantly altered. A large portion of the content is about his every day life. His most mainstream video is of Usman indicating everybody his  school. He and his companions talk about the positives of the school being low charges and free books.

In any case, Usman isn’t totally uncritical, the depiction for the video contains a long passage about the dissimilarity among open and tuition based school training and how it is deficient.