6 entertaining anime shows to watch when bored

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Alright folks, if you need something new on your plate and are tired of the monotonous Tele series, it’s time you head over to the experimental world of “Japanese Animated series”. You see how I didn’t use the word ‘cartoon’. In your face, trolls!

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Many of us consider anime ‘childish’. Can we blame them? Most of us got on the anime bandwagon watching evening 5 P.M shows, from Naruto to Dragonball z to Digimon on local TV channels. But a lot of us never got past those.

Here’s a list of 6 wild anime series you can venture into!


1. Stein’s Gate

Notice how time travelling is incorporated in every other TV series plot now? The idea has already been explored creatively in anime. Watch as a young scientist creates a time travel machine with the ability to send emails to the past.



What if you saved somebody’s life, only to come back and haunt you? Monster is a psychological thriller of a Doctor on his path to make ends meet after operating on a criminal he saved.


3. Samurai Champloo

Samurais, Japan and…Hip Hop? Samurai champloo is a fusion of Edo japan and hip hop. So if you have a penchant for swords and hip hop dance moves, you should definitely tune into this show.


4. Your Lie In April

Your lie in April sure pulls the right strings. A show about a young pianist who is battling with his own past, and a violinist whose optimism lightens up every dark corner.


5. Death Parade

Don’t be fooled by the intro song and the chic, funky setting. If you win the infamous game in this bar, you get to leave. If you lose, however, you die. That is exactly where the story begins, however.


6. The Tatami Galaxy

How many of us felt our dreams of living the ultimate student life, enjoying on campus, hanging out with friends or falling in love have been shattered? Not because of the quarantine but just because life stayed uninteresting. This is for all the graduates and seniors who feel they wasted their university days as they follow a third year student ought to change his university life like he imagined it to be.

Check out these animes and get to taste what you’ve been missing for quite a while.