50 years old women tortured and abused publicly in Bahawalpur

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A heart wrenching incident happened in Bahawalpur which has let us question our humanity once again. A 50 years old women was brutally abused and beaten Infront of everyone. According to the initial reports the women was beaten up by her landlord and his group, might be his relatives. The reason is still unknown and not yet revealed. They were abusing her Infront of everyone without showing any mercy. Are they even humans? They were torturing her, dragging her to the ground by pulling her hair and beating her. While this was happening, nobody came to help her, yet busy in making in video of her. What have gotten into us? Have we lost our humanity? It was important to make the video rather than helping the women? What kind of nation are we? Is this the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

Islam is a beautiful religion and have asked to honor and respect women. But people like these show their monstrosity in the name of self-proclaimed justice. It’s not wrong to say that we are still living in an era where this kind of abuse and torture on women is normal!

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