5 best Pakistani Dramas

The Pakistan drama industry is always knows for producing top class hits. Well if you are a fan of Pakistan drama industry, we will compile a list of 5 best Pakistani Dramas that you can watch and enjoy. And if you are not a drama person, you can check our list of 3 life changing novels of Umera Ahmed.

The first on our list will be.

1. Zindagi Gulzar Ha

It is perfect in terms of acting, script, dialogues.  The story revolves around two persons, opposite in thoughts and financial status. This serial has a strong female lead protagonist and was very popular among the female audience. Netflix recently launched Pakistani dramas and Zindagi Gulzar Hai was added to Netflix on December 15, 2015. This drama got 9 awards at the 2nd Hum Awards, 3 awards at the 4th Pakistan Media Awards and 2 awards at the 13th Lux Style Awards. The role of Sanam Saeed was appreciated by critics. As for Fawad Khan it was the third blockbuster drama for him after Dastaan and Humsafar.

2. Alif

First of all the script is so amazing . Umera Ahmed has done some amazing work.  The story of encircles a hardworking and diligent filmmaker named Momin, who is shown to be tangled between his spirituality and the glamorous life that he leads.

3. Humsafar

“Humsafar” which means companion is about journey after marriage of 2 people. The show not only describe the trials and suffering they face after marriage, but also successfully describe their contrasting personalities which later constitute more problems for the couple who have barely grown to love and hope for each other.
Humsafar’s biggest strength lies in the unspoken love between its lead pair.The chemistry between Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan is also one of the reasons why Humsafar is a must watch.
4. Alpha Bravo Charlie
It revolves around three patriotic young men, friends — Faraz, Kashif & Gulsher as Alpha, Bravo, Charlie wants to start their careers in the Pakistan army. Their relationship is tested as they part ways to separate assignments in Bosnia, Siachen, and Lahore.


5. Dhuwan

Well what I may say about this play is that ” A Classic and ever green play that has the ability to bound the viewers for hours. The story theme, cost, acting, locations, set everything just perfect. The play has every thing for a viewer like humor, action, thrill, adventure, emotions, feelings, romance, and almost every element.


This was our list, Have you watched any of them? Do tell us in the comments section that did you liked them?