An alarming situation for P.I.A

On Wednesday a news pops out that around 40% of the total civilian pilots of Pakistan have fake licenses. Moreover, they are not even qualified to fly, this news was revealed by aviation minister of Pakistan. According to the sources there might be 262 pilots who don’t have any flying experience at all! They might not have taken their exams by themselves too and had paid someone to attend their exams on their behalf.  Around 860 pilots in Pakistan are serving in private airlines as well as PIA which includes number of international pilots that flies into foreign countries.


Immediate actions have already been taken on this regard, PIA has already suspended all its pilots, who had fake licenses. According to PIA spokesperson Abdullah Khan, the fake licenses weren’t just a PIA issue but are expanded throughout the Pakistani airline industry, adding that many of the deceptive pilots are already flying for foreign carriers. The investigation’s results were revealed on Wednesday as part of an initial report on an unfortunate crash that killed 97 people in Karachi’s central town on May 22. After taking off from Lahore, the PIA plane crashed, killing all but two of the crew and passengers on board.