10 websites from where you can earn by writing for them

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We have make a list of 10 websites for you that can help you earn money as freelance writers. There is also websites out there who are willing to pay for quality writing. So now lest look upon our list of 10 websites from where you can earn by writing for them.

1. Music Tuts+

If you are a writer and you are very ardent about music, then this could be something interesting for you.You can get paid 50$ for every article.

2. Better Humans

This website works on self-development. Well if your article get accepted you can make up to 500$ per accepted article.

3. Vector Tuts+

This website is designers galore. If you are a designer who loves writing. This website pays you to write articles, tutorials for designing such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Inkscape, Sketch app, and CorelDRAW. You can earn up to 200$ for an accepted article.

4. Back to College

They pay writers to write about education for older citizens. They pay up to 55$ per article.

5. BitchMedia

They are looking for writers who offers a feminist analysis of culture. They pay around 150$ for an accepted article.

6. Scotch

This focuses on web development and hired contractual writers to contribute articles, tutorials. They accept different tutorials focused around web development related projects. They pay $150 per article.

7. Code Tuts+

This focuses on web development tutorials. If you can write on PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, HTML5, etc, they pay around $100 to $250 depending on the quality of your article. The maximum price of $250 is for contributors who cover in-depth tutorials.

8. Tenderly

Their target audience are vegans and lifestyle. They pay upto 200$ for an article if accepted.

9. MoneyPantry

They want articles who write about how to save money, savings and its investments. They pay 30$ to 100$ per accepted article.

10.  B. Michelle Pippin

They are looking for writers who write about making money online. They pay $50-150 per accepted article.

Do tell us in the comments section as which one of the above requirements will suit you better.