10 times Justin Trudeau Broke The Internet

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Sensible, thoughtful and bewitchingly handsome, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau never misses a chance to win over every heart across the globe

Lately, while addressing the press about the COVID-19 crisis in Canada, a clip from the interview made the internet gasp for air! Fighting the gusty winds, the dapper Canadian leader can be seen smoothly pushing back his long hair off his forehead

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Jason Hanson, a surfer from Ottawa, instantly created a dramatic masterpiece. He made a video where he slowed down the hair flip, added a bit of sultry music, posted it on Facebook and Viola!



Even though Twitterati has declared him their new crush, we have been keeping track of all the times this Dime had caused a commotion on the world wide web!


  1. When he visited the Queen and made her laugh!


2. When his ‘Star Wars’ socks revealed his inner quirky styling sense!


3. When we caught Ivanka Trump mesmerized by the ‘Perfect 10’ leader


4. When the masses went gaga over the Young irresistible Justin!


5. When Emma Watson became a victim of the ‘Trudeau effect’ at a UN campaign


6. When he photobombed a Prom picture, giving the students a lifetime memory!


7. All the times he gave us those fitness goals!


8. When he swept Kate Middleton off her royal feet


9. When he met a Syrian boy named after him and melted us!
10. The Ultimate Unforgettable Hair Flip!