10 finest movie roles of Irfan Khan that revealed his phenomenal acting skills

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The veteran actor passes away at age 53 in Mumbai, rendering his fans in colossal grief.

Here’s a list of some of Irfan Khan’s many powerful and diverse performances that will forever be remembered.

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1. In and as Maqbool

This adaptation of Shakespeare’s famous play Macbeth, is one of the most underrated in Bollywood cinema. Irfan plays the conflicted protagonist Maqbool, a man of crime caught between love and loyalty. Although the movie did not do very well on the box office, Irrfan Khan’s work was not overlooked by critics worldwide.


2. Monty in Life In A Metro

Amongst several fascinating stories within the movie, Monty’s is the sweetest. Irfan plays Monty in the movie beside Konkana Sen Sharma. Even though his character is straight forward and socially awkward, he manages to bring a charm to it that is not easy to resist. It also leaves us imagining how he would be in real life


3.Saajan Fernandez in The Lunchbox

Irfan Khan’s unparalleled characterisation of a lonely accountant, couple with the movie’s suspenseful plot, earned the movie immense praise and critical acclaim. Even though he never shared screen space with Nimrat Kaur (the lead actress in the movie) his chemistry with her character was completely visible because of his brilliant role.


4. In and as Paan Singh Tomar

Playing the athlete ‘Paan Singh Tomar’ he portrayed a sportsman and an outlaw both with complete passion and giving life to the faded name of an athlete. This biography won multiple awards and Irfan won the Best Actor National Award for the role.


5. Ashok Ganguly in The Namesake

Another adaption of Jhumpa Lahiri’s fantastic novel. Right from the struggle of Ashok in a foreign land to his struggle with his rebellious son, Irrfan Khan did not leave Ashok Ganguly’s side for even a split second. This movie will always be remembered by Ashok Ganguly.


6. Umber Singh in Qissa

Imagining Irrfan Khan as a stubborn Sikh father is not easy. He still manages a successful disguise for the audiences. Draped in a turban and a Sikh attire, he teaches his young daughter to transform into a boy, as per his desires. The soul-stirring movie won awards in the Indian International Film Festival in Queensland because of Irrfan’s powerful role.



7. Piscine Molitor Patel in Life of Pi

Pi tells the magnificent story of his teenage when he battled for survival, marooned in the middle of a behemoth ocean after his shipwreck. His only campanion there was Richard Parker, a Bengal tiger. The movie was based on Yann Martel’s 2001 movie and has won four Academy awards.


8. Inspector in Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire’s director Danny Boyle once described Irfan Khan’s performance in the Oscar-winning film as ‘beautiful to watch’. The film went on to be nominated for 10 Oscars and won eight of them including best picture and best director.


9. Roohdar in Haider

Haider was another masterpiece that  failed to stir the masses.However, the movie puts forward several soul-shaking characters. One of which was Roohdaar.  The character was inspired from ‘The Ghost of King Hamlet’ from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet was imprinted in the minds of the audience. His spooky presence on the screen and sharp looks left the viewers awestruck.


10. Billu in Billu Barbar

It’s an enjoyable and heart-warming movie of an honest Barber Billu. The simple life that he leads is turned upside down when Billu’s school friend, Superstar Sahir Khan enters his village to shoot for a film.